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10 Completely Gorgeous Wedding Day Jewelry Looks

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Believe us when we say that there’s nothing like looking at wedding images of your most radiant, stunning self. Paging through our own photos still takes our breath away! In fact, we’d go as far as to say that documenting every detail, from getting ready to the sparkler send-off, is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Well, that and gorgeous bridal jewelry.

Glittering earrings, necklaces and bracelets complete your wedding day look, sparkle all day long, and are spectacular in wedding pictures! To see what we mean, take a look at 10 of our gorgeous Bridal Styles brides below:


Bridal Styles Bride Shannon, photo - Ricky Restiano Photography

Shannon, crystal encrusted bangle, intricate chandelier earrings – Bridal Styles Boutique


Adelina & Agron, bridal veil, headpiece and jewelry - Bridal Styles Boutique, images - Benchwerk Photography

Adelina, glam  pearl and crystal chandelier earrings – Bridal Styles Boutique


Bridal Styles Bride Nikita

Nikita, glamorous CZ chandelier earrings, intricate crystal cuff and Swarovski face framer – Bridal Styles Boutique


Jewelry- Senada

Senada, sensational statement necklace – Bridal Styles Boutique


Jewelry- Regina

Regina, modern CZ earrings, dramatic crystal-encrusted headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique


Jewelry- Violeta
Violeta, delicate CZ necklace and chandelier earrings – Bridal Styles boutique, image – AlbaPro


Diana, spectacular crystal-encrusted custom bridal headpiece, bracelet and earrings – Bridal Styles Boutique

Dianastatement pearl and Swarovski bracelet, chandelier earrings, and headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique



Jewelry- Catherine

Kathryn, statement earrings, Swarovski crystal hair comb, bracelet – Bridal Styles Boutique


Jewelry- Cherie

Cherie’s CZ encrusted bracelet – Bridal Styles Boutique


Bridal Styles Bride Jessica

Jessica, delicate, nature-inspired CZ earrings, crystal flower headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique

Romantic, Vintage Bridal Style {Inspiration}

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

The fashion when Grace Kelly graced the silver screen was that of elegant, ladylike style. Dior had just unveiled his “New Look,” which, for evening, was defined by snug bodices and full, floaty skirts, and women dressed to the nines and draped themselves with divine jewels for a night out.

To evoke the glamour and romance of the era, go with a gown that captures the sophisticated, feminine spirit of Ms. Kelly’s style but with a distinctively modern twist. Layer jewelry that’s fit for a princess – a hair comb glittering with Swarovski crystals both large and small, a gleaming CZ cuff, and, of course, spectacular chandelier earrings! Show off your jewels with an up-do of romantic curls, and draw from a makeup palette of soft pastels.

Romantic, Vintage Inspired Bridal Style

images clockwise from upper left: romantic curl up-do,  soft, sophisticated bridal gown, vintage inspired Swarovski-encrusted hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, dramatic Edwardian CZ chandelier earrings and heirloom CZ cuff bracelet – Bridal Style Boutique, soft bridal make-up

If Dior’s New Look exaggerated A-line silhouette is the look you love, strike a balance of vintage and current with edgy tiers adorned with lace applique. Accessorize with a gorgeous, delicate filigreed hair comb, CZ chandelier earrings and a glittering bracelet. Add a touch of contemporary feel by combining a bold berry lip, smoky eyes, and a chic, retro bun.

Romantic, Vintage Inspired Bridal Style

images clockwise from upper left: filigreed statement CZ bracelet  – Bridal Styles Boutique, tiered lace applique bridal gown – Monique Lhullier, romantic wedding make-up, elegant, vintage-inspired bun, delicate crystal bridal hair-comb and intricate CZ chandelier earrings – Bridal Styles Boutique

Add divine to your wedding day look with our vast selection of bridal veils, jewelry and headpieces by shopping online or visiting us in Brooklyn at Bridal Styles Boutique!

Pink and Gold Glam {Inspiration}

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Delicate pink and luxe gold are a match made in bridal style heaven!

Just like Marie Antoinette, think feminine, opulent, and bold. Glamorous touches like a clear and gold crystal bridal hair comb and a vintage-inspired Swarovski-encrusted cuff bracelet are a divine combination, especially when paired with a wedding gown of the palest pink (embroidered in gold, of course).

When planning your wedding reception, gild your soft pink hue with details. We’re thinking lush flowers, decadent macarons and place-settings that would make any elegant queen’s heart sing.

Pink Glam Wedding Inspiration

images clockwise from upper left: chair, Miu Miu shoes,  crystal and gold encrusted bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles New York, pink and gold bridal gown, opulent pink wedding cake, pink wedding reception, pink macarons, pink bridal bouquet, gold and pink place setting, vintage-inspired crystal bridal bracelet (available in gold or silver) – Bridal Styles New York

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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend {Inspiration}

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Every girl knows that famous scene in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” where Marilyn Monroe sings:

“A kiss on the hand might be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend….”

Dancing in her fabulous pink gown and glittering jewelry, Marilyn puts the G in glamour! To dazzle ‘em on your wedding day with a look inspired by Marilyn’s sultry, splendid style, layer statement crystal bracelets, a dramatic CZ necklace and gorgeous large-stone CZ dangle earrings together with a simple yet sexy, sophisticated wedding gown.

Diamonds are a Girls Brest Friend - Bridal Style inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, statement CZ bracelets, dramatic crystal necklace & chandelier earrings – shop online at Bridal Styles New York

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Gorgeous, Wear-Again Bridal Chandelier Earrings

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Ladies shopping for fantastic chandelier earrings in our New York bridal accessory boutique have a lot to choose from! Lately, however, we’ve had requests for bridal jewelry that will dazzle on a wedding day…and beyond.

Gorgeous, Wear-Again Bridal Chandelier Earrings

Bridal Styles Brides, bridal chandelier earrings – Bridal Styles New York

As you can see (thanks to our beautiful Bridal Styles brides), chandelier earrings are stunning on a wedding day! But they’d also be killer for a night on the town. Though it was hard to choose, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite wear-again pieces to share here.

Gorgeous, Wear-Again Bridal Chandelier Earrings

Bridal Styles Brides, wedding jewelry – Bridal Styles New York

To see the rest of our wedding day (and more) jewelry picks, visit us at our Brooklyn bridal accessory boutique!