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Notes From Bridal Styles Brides {Stefania}

Friday, August 9th, 2013

From Stefania:

“Upon entering Bridal Styles Boutique, I felt so overwhelmed with possibilities to match my wedding gown. All the girls took their time to assist me in finding the right one. I couldn’t be happier with my crystal headpiece!!!!! I felt absolutely elegant and beautiful. Not only did my guests comment on my gown but they just loved the crystals in my hair! Thank you so much!!!!”

Thank you so much for your note and pictures, Stefania! You looked absolutely beautiful on your wedding day (the hair comb you chose was perfect!), and we’re so happy to hear what a wonderful experience you had at the boutique. Best wishes!


Stefania and her new husband, statement crystal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Maggie McGill Photography


Stefania, glam Swarovski crystal hair accessory – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Maggie McGill Photography


Stefania, crystal-encrusted side comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Maggie McGill Photography


Stefania, photo – Maggie McGill Photography

vintage-inspired headpiece, glam bride, wedding day hair down

Stefania, intricate vintage-inspired crystal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Maggie McGill Photography


Stefania and her new husband, photo – Maggie McGill Photography


Stefania and her new husband, dramatic bridal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Maggie McGill Photography


Stefania and her new husband,  crystal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Maggie McGill Photography


Stefania and her new husband, filigree crystal side comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Maggie McGill Photography


Stefania and her new husband, stunning crystal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Maggie McGill Photography

Romantic, Vintage Bridal Style {Inspiration}

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

The fashion when Grace Kelly graced the silver screen was that of elegant, ladylike style. Dior had just unveiled his “New Look,” which, for evening, was defined by snug bodices and full, floaty skirts, and women dressed to the nines and draped themselves with divine jewels for a night out.

To evoke the glamour and romance of the era, go with a gown that captures the sophisticated, feminine spirit of Ms. Kelly’s style but with a distinctively modern twist. Layer jewelry that’s fit for a princess – a hair comb glittering with Swarovski crystals both large and small, a gleaming CZ cuff, and, of course, spectacular chandelier earrings! Show off your jewels with an up-do of romantic curls, and draw from a makeup palette of soft pastels.

Romantic, Vintage Inspired Bridal Style

images clockwise from upper left: romantic curl up-do,  soft, sophisticated bridal gown, vintage inspired Swarovski-encrusted hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, dramatic Edwardian CZ chandelier earrings and heirloom CZ cuff bracelet – Bridal Style Boutique, soft bridal make-up

If Dior’s New Look exaggerated A-line silhouette is the look you love, strike a balance of vintage and current with edgy tiers adorned with lace applique. Accessorize with a gorgeous, delicate filigreed hair comb, CZ chandelier earrings and a glittering bracelet. Add a touch of contemporary feel by combining a bold berry lip, smoky eyes, and a chic, retro bun.

Romantic, Vintage Inspired Bridal Style

images clockwise from upper left: filigreed statement CZ bracelet  – Bridal Styles Boutique, tiered lace applique bridal gown – Monique Lhullier, romantic wedding make-up, elegant, vintage-inspired bun, delicate crystal bridal hair-comb and intricate CZ chandelier earrings – Bridal Styles Boutique

Add divine to your wedding day look with our vast selection of bridal veils, jewelry and headpieces by shopping online or visiting us in Brooklyn at Bridal Styles Boutique!

Great Gatsby Bridal Style Inspiration {Flapper}

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

The Great Gatsby premieres this weekend!

1920s style is already influencing fashion, and, when brought to life on screen, it’s sure to inspire.

In honor of the era of Jazz, Flappers, Art Deco, Prohibition, and a major shift in women’s fashion, we’re sharing Gatsby-inspired bridal style in a two-part post, starting with Flappers!


Great Gatsby movie 2


World War I was a catalyst that ushered women of the time out of restrictive Victorian customs. Shedding corsets, gowns, long hair, and prim ways, many emerged as Flappers.

They drove cars, rode bicycles, cut their hair in bobs, dyed it black. Wore bright lipstick and rouge, sported short dresses. Partied at and smuggled liquor to speakeasies. Danced the night away doing the Charleston and the Shimmy!

So, you can see why a Flapper’s bold style is rich inspiration for a bride whose modern aesthetic leans toward edgy.

Bridal Styles great Gatsby Inspiration - Flapper

images clockwise from upper left:  Art Deco inspired  earrings – Bridal Styles Boutique,  Flapper wedding dress – Marchesa, 1920’s inspired make up, dazzling wide CZ bracelet – Bridal Styles Boutique,  pearl and crystal Art Deco bracelet – Bridal Styles Boutique, CZ , Swarovski crystal and feather modern flapper headband – Bridal Styles Boutique

Infuse the Flapper’s audacious spirit into your wedding day look beginning with a bright makeup palette, and, of course, a bridal ‘do influenced by the era’s popular Marcel wave. Go short with a fabulous, fringed gown, or stay long and choose a daring, sophisticated frock made for dancing.

Now for the best part – jewelry and hair accessories. In a nod to our muse’s iconic pearl necklace, work with a mix of crystals and pearls…and lots of them! Layer glittering CZ and pearl bracelets, don gorgeous Art Deco chandelier earrings, then top it all off with a feather fascinator or striking double headband finished with a sparkling broach.

Bridal Styles Great Gatsby - Flapper

images clockwise from upper left: Art Deco chandelier earrings – Bridal Styles Boutique, Flapper wedding gown – Jenny Packham,  Art Deco pearl and crystal bracelet – Bridal Styles Boutique, feather and crystal bridal fascinator – Bridal Styles Boutique, 1920’s wedding hair and makeup, eight strand pearl and crystal cuff – Bridal Styles Boutique

To find the perfect jewelry, headpiece and accessories for your Flapper-inspired wedding day look, visit us at Bridal Styles Boutique, and don’t forget to check back next week for more 1920’s bridal style inspiration!

Pink and Gold Glam {Inspiration}

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Delicate pink and luxe gold are a match made in bridal style heaven!

Just like Marie Antoinette, think feminine, opulent, and bold. Glamorous touches like a clear and gold crystal bridal hair comb and a vintage-inspired Swarovski-encrusted cuff bracelet are a divine combination, especially when paired with a wedding gown of the palest pink (embroidered in gold, of course).

When planning your wedding reception, gild your soft pink hue with details. We’re thinking lush flowers, decadent macarons and place-settings that would make any elegant queen’s heart sing.

Pink Glam Wedding Inspiration

images clockwise from upper left: chair, Miu Miu shoes,  crystal and gold encrusted bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles New York, pink and gold bridal gown, opulent pink wedding cake, pink wedding reception, pink macarons, pink bridal bouquet, gold and pink place setting, vintage-inspired crystal bridal bracelet (available in gold or silver) – Bridal Styles New York

To find the perfect bridal headpieces and jewelry to complement your glamorous bridal look, visit us in Brooklyn at our bridal accessory boutique!

Sara & David’s Victorian Inspired Fall Wedding

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

When the Sara’s father, Joseph, welcomed David Keeler into the family business, he never dreamed he was getting a son-in-law as well as a new employee. At the time, Sara was also working at Bedford Gravel and Landscape Supply. There was an instant attraction between Sara and Dave. Their first date led to a second, then a third, and eventually to an engagement during a Disney World vacation.

Sara and David, crystal rose headpiece, Bridal Styles Boutique

Sara & David, crystal rose headpiece – Bridal Styles, gown by Nancy Di Fabbio, image – Hillary Harvey Photography

Sara had always dreamed of an autumn wedding at the Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, NY. Incredibly beautiful and romantic, this masterpiece of old world craftsmanship overlooking the Hudson River is a perfect recreation of a medieval castle. Its 40-foot vaulted ceiling, Tiffany-styled stained-glass windows, and musician’s balcony more than fulfilled Sara’s princess fantasy.

As luck would have it, the Castle was available on October 9, 2011, so Sara and her family immediately set wedding plans in motion. Their first mission was to find a wedding gown suited for such magical surroundings. Sara had a unique style in mind. She longed for something reminiscent of the extravagant Victorian designs of the famous couturier, Frederick Worth (1826-1895).

Sara & David's wedding, photography by Hillary Harvey

Sara, dramatic bridal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique,  image – Hillary Harvey Photography

Sara didn’t have far to look for her fantasy gown. For thirty years, her mother, Nancy Di Fabbio, had designed and sewed wedding gowns for hundreds of brides, and had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to craft her daughter’s once-in-a-lifetime dress. Together, they pored over books of historical costumes and researched designs on the internet. Detail by detail, the gown took shape. Once satisfied with the design, which incorporated lace from Sara’s grandmother’s wedding gown, Nancy and Sara headed to New York City. There, they searched for the fabric, laces, trims and silk flowers that would turn Sara’s dream dress into a reality

Sara & David's wedding, photography by Hillary Harvey

Sara, crystal rose headpiece by Bridal Styles, gown –  Nancy Di Fabbio, image – Hillary Harvey Photography

With the production of her gown well underway, Sara began to search for the headpiece that complemented her, coordinated with her gown, and satisfied her fashion fantasies. She had always loved roses and planned to incorporate the fragrant, romantic blooms into her centerpieces, bouquets, cake, and dress.

Imagine Sara’s excitement when she discovered the crystal-encrusted rose headpieces created by Bridal Styles Boutique in Brooklyn, NY. Surrounded by the exquisite headpieces and shimmering accessories in this special salon, Sara and her mom were in heaven. After expressing her desire for a Bridal Styles rose tiara, Edward, one of the owners, chose one that was featured on their website.

Sara & David's wedding, photography by Hillary Harvey

Sara, her mom & her grandmother, unique headpiece – Bridal Styles, gown –Nancy Di Fabbio, image – Hillary Harvey 

Though beautiful, they all agreed that it wasn’t quite perfect. After a moment’s thought, Edward said he had one in the workshop that would fulfill her dreams. What he presented was a work of art. Crafted from thousands of tiny Swarovski crystals and larger marquise stones, the extravagant piece framed Sara’s face with three-dimensional roses, rosebuds and leaves.

Sara & David's wedding, photography by Hillary Harvey

Sara, spectacular crystal headpiece – Bridal Styles New York, image – Hillary Harvey Photography

On her wedding day, Sara knew everyone would be eager for a glimpse of the extraordinary gown her mother had made. Both she and her mom wanted to wow their guests and the groom as the doors opened for her walk down the aisle. So, knowing she had only one day to look and feel like a princess, Sara embraced it.  When she appeared on her father’s arm, the collective gasp told Sara and her mom that their creation had surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Sara & David's wedding, photography by Hillary Harvey

Sara & David, crystal bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles, gown – Nancy Di Fabbio, image – Hillary Harvey Photography

Unlike many brides who opt for comfort, Sara went for all-out glamour. During the ceremony and cocktail hour, she wore her gown’s long, detachable train, her headpiece and a three-tiered cathedral-length veil. Then, for the reception, Sara removed the long train and veil to reveal her gown’s spectacular skirt. Near the end of the reception, Sara removed her remaining shorter veils to showcase her stunning headpiece.

Sara & David's wedding, photography by Hillary Harvey

Sara & David, crystal rose headpiece – Bridal Styles, gown by Nancy Di Fabbio, image – Hillary Harvey Photography

After the wedding, hoping a beloved granddaughter would someday wear it, Nancy carefully packed the dress away. Much too exquisite to be hidden away, Sara is having her headpiece mounted in a shadowbox as a beautiful reminder of her wonderful day.


Sara & David, bridal hair jewelry – Bridal Styles New York, gown – Nancy Di Fabbio, image – Hillary Harvey Photography

Best wishes, Sara and David, and thank you for sharing your wedding story with us!