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Notes from Bridal Styles Brides {Elsa}

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Some Bridal Styles brides are from lovely places like Italy! Elsa found us on Facebook and fell in love with one of our bridal headpieces. After chatting, we custom-designed Elsa’s headpiece, making it bigger and fuller than the original, just as she envisioned.

From Elsa:

“Thank you Bridal Styles Boutique for my gorgeous headpiece and veil. Thank you for making me feel like a princess on the happiest day of my life. Thank you Elaine!!”

We’re so glad you loved your bridal headpiece and veil, Elsa! You look absolutely stunning at you destination wedding in Albania – like a glittering, fairytale bride. Very best wishes to you both!


Elsa, dramatic bridal headpiece and veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Elsa

Elsa, spectacular hair accessory and bridal veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Elsa

Elsa, regal bridal tiara  – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Elsa

Elsa, crystal-encrusted bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Elsa

Elsa, spectacular crystal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique


Bridal Styles Bride Elsa

Cathedral Veils

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

There’s nothing more romantic than a Cathedral length veil.

Imagine yourself at the top of the aisle, framed flawlessly by a classic fall of veiling. Friends and family sigh as you walk by, and outside it flutters breezily while you gaze at your sweetie, starry-eyed.

Elegantly traditional when edged in lace, absolutely glamorous beaded, and enchanting without any detail at all, they’re timelessly lovely no matter your bridal style!

Bridal Styles Bride Nargiza, Cathedral veil

Nargiza, elegant cathedral length veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Adele, Cathedral veil

Adele, lace edged cathedral length veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Jackie, Cathedral veil

Jackie, dramatic cathedral length veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Michelle, Cathedral veil

Michelle, spectacular lace cathedral length veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Patrice,  Cathedral veil

Patrice, dreamy cathedral length veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride Daneen,  Cathedral veil

Daneen, gorgeous cathedral length veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

Bridal Styles Bride, Cathedral veil

striking Cathedral length veil – Bridal Styles Boutique

To find a Cathedral length veil to complete your bridal look, visit us at our Brooklyn bridal accessory boutique.

Nargiza & Sukhrob’s Fabulous Wedding in Uzbekistan

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Nobody knows better than Nargiza and Sukhrob that sometimes what you’re looking for is standing right in front of you! When they first met, it was while Nargiza was running an errand for a friend. Though they were thrown together many times, it was Facebook that brought them together.

“First, I knew him as my friend’s super tall cousin, and to him I was his cousin’s petite-framed friend who wore a lot of make up.

The second time we met, we both tried to ignore the fact that we were the only single guests among married couples, and tried to stay away from each other. Although Sukhrob was encouraged to invite me to a dance, he never did and I wouldn’t want him to. Still, we were clueless and disinterested.”

Imege_SN 348

Nargiza & Sukhrob, stunning custom headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

“Then, as it became so common since the birth of social networking, we befriended each other on Facebook and Odnoklassniki. Constant communication changed the way we viewed each other from our very first meeting.

We discovered common interests, sense of humor, similar palates and eventually started confiding in one another. We became close friends and felt the first signs of attraction through music and dance.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, dramatic bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Before long, a culmination of Sukhrob’s qualities revealed to Nargiza that she had met their match.

“It wasn’t only one of his qualities that made me decide: He is the one. I saw it in various small but significant details; the respect he showed toward his elders and especially women of all ages. The affection toward children, his decisiveness, and more importantly the strong bond between the members of his family and the love they had for each other had impressed me.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob’s wedding

For Nargiza and Sukhrob, becoming engaged involved Uzbeki and US traditions.

“It was not like the typical, surprising me with a sparkling diamond ring while we are on a romantic trip kind of a proposal. It was a gradual proposal that build up in stages. There were also some traditions involved behind the entire process. We couldn’t have made any decision without receiving our parents’ consent. First he asked my parents for my hand and in November of 2009 we traveled to our hometown, Tashkent, Uzbekistan so that I could meet his parents.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, statement bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

However, even after my engagement ring was chosen and was given for resizing, he managed to surprise me with my sister’s help. We were scheduled to have our ‘e-session’ at one of NYC parks and when I arrived there after work I saw that there were rose petals and candles at the bottom of the stairs (early in our relationship we used to go to that park, sit by the water and talk for hours). Then he took my hand and got on one knee. I thought that he was posing for pictures but realized that he was proposing when out of nowhere he took out a single red rose with my (resized) ring carefully tucked in the center of it!”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, elegant bridal accessories by Bridal Styles New York

Both families pitched in to help plan Nargiza and Sukhrob’s wedding. Especially Nargiza’s sisters and cousins, who helped execute every detail.

“I have been planning my wedding since I was 18! Ideas came and went, but only couple of wishes remained unchanged; incorporation of burgundy and gold as well as lots and lots of flowers. I envisioned a modern wedding with vintage touches here and there, but traditions were inevitable, as our wedding would take place in Uzbekistan. The challenge was to be able to balance it all and present in best way possible: contemporary base sprinkled with vintage but glamorous details and wrapped up in centuries old traditions.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, glam bridal headpiece and cage veil by Bridal Styles New York

While planning their reception, Nargiza and Sukhrob put their own personal stamp on every element of the day.

“Everything from the venue, décor and flowers to the cake (that featured live birds as the ‘cake topper’), music DVD that we burnt for the dance part of the wedding, outfit change and our special dance were all special to us. They definitely made our day unique and undoubtedly our own.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, spectacular custom bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

When choosing her wedding day look, Nargiza had similar plans. She wanted something that captured her style and expressed both past and present.

“Just the way I envisioned the entire wedding, the look I envisioned for myself as a bride was vintage-y yet glamorous, extravagant yet elegant. Since I knew what I wanted, I thought it would be very easy to make my choice. But when tried on my favorite mermaid dress, I found that the look just didn’t scream ‘bride’ for me. To be sure, I tried on couple of other mermaid gowns, but I felt the same as I would in any other evening gown.

I never thought I would choose a ball gown as my primary wedding dress, but when I tried on a ball gown by Priscilla of Boston, I really did feel like a queen. Even so, I still didn’t feel fulfilled. I wanted something edgier and more modern. So I chose a beautiful A-line ivory satin gown by Badgley Mischka as my second dress that I would change into for the dances.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, dramatic bridal headpiece and french net veil by Bridal Styles New York

Wedding gowns chosen, Nargiza dove into selecting equally marvelous bridal accessories.

“As far as accessories, I wanted it all! A traditional long veil sure to cause butterflies and teary eyes in loved ones, an edgier birdcage and a delicate studded veil.

From the beginning I knew finding a headpiece would be tough because I did not want a traditional tiara, nor did I want silk flowers or individual sparkly pins. I wanted my headpiece to be bold, antique looking, and definitely something that no one had ever seen before.

I was introduced to Bridal Styles Boutique and its incredible owners Edward and Elaine through my cousin Madina. who works there. I explained to Edward what I wanted and within seconds he knew what look I was going for and offered to custom make my own one-of-a-kind headpiece. I was more than thrilled! Among all my wedding vendors they were the only ones who showed so much care, they really do understand how important their work is for a bride, and they delivered the exact thing that my heard had desired. My vision became a reality and it won’t be too much if I say that my dream came true the moment I saw that one of a kind masterpiece that Edward created for me.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece and french net veil by Bridal Styles New York

June found Nargiza and Sukhrob in their hometown of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, ready and excited for their wedding. On the 11th, before their closet family members, Nargiza and Sukhrob were wed. A week later, at Farovon, one of Tashkent’s beautiful venues and restaurants, joined by family and friends, they celebrated with a spectacular reception!

“It usually gets really hot in Tashkent that time of year, so I had wished for a rain the morning of the wedding day, and indeed it did rain refreshing the trees and all the greens outside.

The reception hall was decorated beautifully! My husband and I enjoyed seeing our loved ones having a good time, having fun and dancing away. Unfortunately some of our loved ones were unable to travel that far for our wedding, but they sent their love to us and were there in spirit.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, stunning custom headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

“We had two ‘first dances.’ We danced a casual slow dance right after we entered the reception hall, and a slightly choreographed special dance later on in the evening. For me, our first un-choreographed dance was the most memorable part of the wedding. It was right after we entered the hall, and all guests’ eyes were on us and they recognized us husband and wife for the first time. I could barely hold back my tears and was shaking uncontrollably. The only thing I could do is just look in to his eyes and seeing his eyes shine with happiness. That was happiness.”

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, custom made bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

After their magical, memorable wedding and a few months as newlyweds, Nargiza and Sukhrob have the following advice for other planning couples:

“No matter what happens you have to remember that this day is about you and your significant other only. This is about your happiness, a celebration of your unity and togetherness.

When it comes to weddings, we girls tend to be so detail oriented, that while counting the flowers on a centerpiece or noticing that the linens on tables are not the exact colors that had been promised to be delivered, we forget about the bigger picture – that at the end of the day what matters is that you and your loved one are happily married and no more flowers and/or other shades of linens will make any difference at that point. Yes, we want everything to be perfect and there will be things that will go wrong no matter what, but you should prepare yourself for that before the wedding. You should be able to ignore those malfunctions and just try your best to pay attention to the good things, to the significant things.

Try to savor each moment, take a moment and take it all in, because everything happens so fast that at the end of the day you shouldn’t be saying: ‘I don’t remember this or that part at all.’ I was given this advise by my cousin Madina. before my wedding and only now I know how true this is and won’t miss a chance to reiterate this for future brides one more time. “

Nargiza & Sukhrob, bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York

Nargiza & Sukhrob, statement bridal headpiece by Bridal Styles New York


Thank you for sharing your day with us, Nargiza and Sukhrob, and best wishes!

Diana & Ilya’s Romantic, Elegant Wedding

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

They say that first impressions are the most lasting, but when it came to Ilya, for Diana it was the second that mattered!

“We met at the airport, going to Israel for the Birthright trip. Ilya was very sweet, offering to carry my bag for me because I had over packed it and couldn’t lift it. I thought he was also the loudest most obnoxious person I had ever met, and completely not my type.”

Swarovski crystal bridal headpiece, bridal accessories New York

Diana & Ilya,  crystal bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

“When I got on the plane and saw that Ilya was sitting in the seat directly behind me I knew it was going to be a long, torturous flight. I was wrong however. We ended up talking the entire flight, and I discovered that Ilya is actually a nice and very funny guy. Our third night in Israel we all got dressed up to go to a club and I couldn’t believe how good he looked! It was the first time I felt a physical attraction to him and actually surprised myself. I had looked at him as a friend before, but now found myself wanting more. We spent the rest of the trip getting to know one another and were inseparable. As soon as we got back to New York he asked me out.


 Swarovski Crystal bridal head band, real bride wearing Pronovias, Woodbury Country Club wedding, June wedding, Age Images New York

Diana,  elegant headband – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

Just like their trip to Israel, over time, Diana and Ilya realized that they had found something truly special and lasting in each other.

“I really don’t think there was any one moment, more of a slow realization. We started dating when we were 20 and were together for 5 years before we got married. It was a long journey filled with ups and downs. We broke up and got back together and then did it all over again. But over time we matured and our love matured. He’s my love, my best friend. I can be myself around him. He’s the first one I want to share good news with, and the only one I want comfort from when things are bad. Just being with him makes me feel calm and complete. He can make me happy with a hug and always knows how to make me laugh. He’s a funny guy and has such a good heart. It overwhelms me sometimes how much I love him, and knowing that he loves me just as much in return. I’m happiest when I am with him, and I know he’s the one, and will always be the only one for me.”

celedon green bridesmaid dresses, unique crystal bridal head piece, glam wedding, real pronovias bride

Diana & Ilya,  dramatic bridal hair Jewelry – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

On a beautiful summer evening, Diana got the surprise of her life!

“We were going to his co-worker’s engagement party. We were driving down the belt parkway and he suggested that we stop at one of the rest areas in Caesars Bay to watch the sunset since we were early and had some time. I kept thinking how it was the perfect setting for him to propose but I knew he wouldn’t do it since we had to go to this other engagement party and it would’ve been rude of us to show up there newly engaged. As the sun was setting in front of us, Ilya got down on one knee, pulled out a diamond ring, and asked me to marry him. I was speechless! His co-worker’s engagement party was a setup! He planned it perfectly and it was the best surprise of my life.

Diana & Ilya,  bridal accessories - Bridal Styles New York, photography - Age Images

Diana & Ilya, photography – Age Images

The following nine months, with the help of their families and bridesmaids, Ilya and Diana worked together to plan their wedding. Everyone’s help must have had something to do with how smoothly the planning went.

“Everyone was surprised how calm I was about everything. My husband and I made all of the decisions together and moved very quickly. We got engaged August 14th, and 2 weeks later we had the venue, band, and photographer. I ordered my dress the first week of October and by the beginning of November the rest of our major vendors were booked. We did nothing until January when I booked the honeymoon (Greece and Turkey) and ordered bridesmaids dresses. In April, two months before the wedding things picked up again. I had my list of things left to do and together my husband and I tackled it. I was so well organized and had such help and support that I never felt stressed.”

dramatic-elegant-bridal headpiece, first look photography, silk organza Pronovias wedding gown

Diana & Ilya, dramatic bridal hair jewelry – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

Finding her wedding gown and accessories was a breeze for Diana, but that may have had something to do with her mother, who knew exactly what Diana wanted.

“Choosing my wedding gown was an interesting experience. I loved Pronovias wedding gowns, and that was the first place I went to. I saw myself in a sweet romantic gown, with soft flowing material and ruffles. While I was explaining my perfect dress to the salesgirl, my mother was looking through the catalog. All of a sudden she goes “you have to try this dress on!” I look at the picture she was pointing to and thought she had lost her mind. It was nothing like I wanted or described.”

classic white bridal bouquet, dramatic bridal head piece

Diana & Ilya,  heirloom bridal accessories – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

“I ignored her suggestion since I didn’t like the dress and the salesgirl told us it wasn’t even available to try on because someone had bought the sample gown recently and they hadn’t received a new one yet. After trying on all of my top dresses I still didn’t feel like I found “the dress.” My mother was still upset that I wasn’t able to try on her choice and the salesgirl offered to go check if the dress had been picked up yet. It turns out that it was still in the store and she brought it up for me to try on. As soon as I had it on I was in love with it! I went to a few other stores to try on more dresses but my mind was always on the Pronovias dress. A few weeks later I came back to try it on again just to be sure and loved it even more. We ordered it right away. I guess the saying is true…mama knows best!”

crystal bridal headpiece, bridal headband with vines and flowers, glam bridal hair comb, classic bridal veil, romantic bridal accessories

Diana & Ilya,  unique crystal bridal headband – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

For her accessories, Diana knew exactly where to go. Twenty years earlier, Diana’s mother visited Bridal Styles Boutique and chose her own headpiece and accessories!

“For my headpiece we went to Bridal Styles. My mom had actually bought her wedding headpiece there 20 years ago. Picking a headpiece was harder than picking a wedding gown! Everything was so beautiful and it was impossible for me to pick my favorite. The salesgirl was wonderful and so helpful. She put my hair up for me so I would get an idea of how the different headpieces would look in my hair on my wedding day. After discarding several headbands, tiaras, and combs we found a winner. It was so beautiful. It was a delicate vine band with crystal flowers and complimented my dress perfectly. I took my dress to CT Couture for alterations. Originally the dress had no embellishments on it and I had wanted to have a crystal belt sown onto my dress, because I felt it needed a little sparkle. When the designer saw my headpiece she had the idea to do crystal vines on my dress instead of the belt, to mimic the headpiece. I was a little skeptical at first but absolutely thrilled when I saw the final result. I was told on my wedding day that I looked magical, and that’s exactly how I felt in my beautiful dress and accessories.

dramatic crystal bridal headband, New york Bridal accessories, elegant bridal veil, bride wearing a blusher and cathedral veil

Diana & Ilya,  bridal accessories – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

Before anyone knew it, June 4th arrived and with it Diana and Ilya’s wedding day. With an evening poolside candlelit ceremony and reception at Woodbury Country Club planned, their day started early.

“My bridesmaids came to my house in the morning to get ready. We were picked up in the limo and taken to meet my fiancé and groomsmen close by for the first look. It was great seeing Ilya’s face light up with a big smile when he saw me for the first time. He couldn’t stop kissing me and I ended up with lip gloss smeared all over my face! Then we all went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park for picture taking. We got lucky with the weather. Even though it was a little cloudy the temperature was great. After taking a lot of pictures, we got back into the limo and headed to the Woodbury Country Club for the ceremony and reception. Everything was beautiful and we had so much fun. From our wedding favors that were photo coasters printed with various funny and cute pictures of ourselves to our flowers, it was amazing.”

candlelit wedding ceremony, ethereal cathedral length veil, heirloom bridal headpiece and jewelry

Diana & Ilya,  crystal headpiece  – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

“The most memorable part for me was the ceremony. When I saw Ilya at the end of the aisle waiting for me to walk to him I felt so full of love and joy and I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. During the ceremony we kept looking at each other whispering “I love you.” One of Ilya’s cherished memories is walking into the reception hall and being introduced for the first time as husband and wife. He loved hearing the band call us Mr. and Mrs. Ilya Kats.”

wedding at Woodbury Country Club, whimsical wedding cake, quirky cake topper

Diana & Ilya,  photography – Age Images

With their wonderful, enchanted wedding (and the planning process) behind them, Ilya and Diana have this advice for other couples planning their weddings:

Diana: “Be organized and try to keep calm and not stress yourself out. I think most brides tend to get really stressed the last week over little things like favors and seating cards, but they don’t realize by that point even if they were to do nothing else the wedding can still happen. They need to remember that this day isn’t about the little things, its about marrying the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, and that’s all that matters.“

Ilya: “Don’t worry about every little thing, especially at the venue. The people that work there are professionals. They do weddings for a living and they know what their doing. Let them take care of everything so you can enjoy the day to the fullest. And don’t forget to eat!”

spectacular wedding hairband, Swarovski bridal jewelry and hair accessory, New York Bridal Accessory Boutique

Diana & Ilya, spectacular bridal hair jewelry  – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Age Images

Thank you so much for sharing your day with us, and best wishes!
Diana and Ilya’s wedding vendors:

Photography – Age Images
Video – Myther Ganibe
Flowers – Events by Billy Vellios
Band – Douglas and Eddie Entertainment 

Veiled in Tradition

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

We all know that veils are to weddings like icing is to cake, but have you ever wondered where the tradition originated? All of us at Bridal Styles did! After all, our New York boutique is all about bridal accessories – including veiling.

Victorian Bride

Brides have been wearing veils for centuries. In fact, since biblical times! In the story of Rebekah and Issac, Rebekah wore a veil as she married him, revealing her face after the ceremony to indicate their joining as a couple. Fast forward to the Roman Empire, and women on the way to being wed wore brightly colored veils to ward off evil spirits.

Bridal Styles bride Arbionda and her lovely two tier veil

Bridal Styles Boutique real bride Arbionda in her delicate two tier veil

It wasn’t until the Crusades that veils found their way to Europe. During that time, a bride’s marriage was often arranged through the father, and the couple often didn’t meet until their wedding day. A medieval bride would wear a veil that concealed her face, not to be revealed until after the ceremony!

Bridal Styles bride Michelle and her gorgeous custom lace cathedral veil

Bridal Styles Boutique real bride Michelle in her gorgeous custom lace cathedral veil

Throughout its interpretations and uses across cultures, the veil has symbolized purity and, upon lifting from her face, that the couple are spiritually and physically joined. While this sometimes implied the transference of the bride as property, in Rebekah’s case, by wearing a veil she was indicating she would remain her own person even after marriage.

Bridal Styles bride Tonia in her modern pouf and French net blusher

Bridal Styles Boutique real bride Tonia in her dramatic French net veil and blusherl

Today, veils are an enduring symbol of marriage. Modern brides can express themselves with everything from a stylish, vintage-inspired cage veil to a dramatic cathedral length veil trimmed in hand cut lace.

To find the perfect veil for your style and carry on an ancient tradition, visit us in our Brooklyn, New York bridal accessory boutique!