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Lisa and Michael’s Elegant, Regal Fall Wedding

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Serendipity struck for Lisa and Michael over lunch one May day!

“I went to a restaurant called Marina Cafe located on Staten Island on May 21, 2009 and ran into someone I knew from college who introduced me to Michael. We hit it off right away.”

Lisa and Michael

Lisa and Michael, spectacular bridal jewelry and  headpiece – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Riccardo Studios

After such a delightful first meeting, Lisa and Michael both knew they wanted to spend more time together…and soon discovered they were meant for one another.

“When we went on our first date to Cebu restaurant in Brooklyn we both felt an instant connection. We felt so comfortable with each other. Our relationship grew more and more as time went by. I felt something special inside and I knew deep down inside he was the one.”

Lisa, bridal headpiece and jewelry - Bridal Styles New York

Lisa, bridal headpiece and jewelry – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Riccardo Studios

That introduction so many months ago wasn’t the only wonderful mealtime surprise in store for Lisa – Michael had one more in store.

“Michael took me to a restaurant named Dylan Prime located in Tribeca, NYC. We were having such a great time and as we were having dessert he popped the question. This was such a shock but a beautiful surprise because I didn’t expect it. This is a moment that i will never forget. We were both in tears because we were both so happy. We couldn’t wait to share the news with our family and friends.”

Lisa and Michael, bridal headpiece and jewelry - Bridal Styles New York

Lisa and Michael, elegant bridal headpiece and jewelry – Bridal Styles New York,  photography – Riccardo Studios

Happily engaged, with the help of their parents, Lisa and Michael began planning the wedding of their dreams by choosing their venue.

“Michael and I decided that the month of October would be a beautiful time of year to have our wedding because of all the beautiful fall colors and scenery. We started to look at the different venues. After a few weeks, we selected Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, NJ. The minute we stepped into the hall we knew it was the place for our beautiful and elegant wedding. From the grand ballroom with its floor to ceiling windows and beautiful view to the gorgeous grounds it was perfect. It was everything we wanted.”


Lisa and Michael, bridal hair jewelry and jewelry – Bridal Styles New York,  photography – Riccardo Studios

Next, the two began setting the scene for their romantic, sophisticated wedding celebration:

“We knew we wanted the wedding to have an elegant look, so we chose to have tall trumpet vases topped with all ivory roses, hydrangeas, and calla lilies. There were crystal strands hanging from each vase along with candles all around the tables that were covered in a diamond wrap which gave it a romantic feel.”

Lisa and Michael, bridal headpiece and jewelry - Bridal Styles New York

Lisa and Michael, custom Swarovski crystal bridal headpiece and jewelry – Bridal Styles New York,  photography – Riccardo Studios

With everything in place, Lisa dove into the best part of the planning process – choosing her own wedding look, starting with the dress.

“Every girl dreams of this special day in her life when she walks down the aisle. The gown that I chose was designed by Amalia Carrara. It was sophisticated, eminently beautiful and exactly how I envisioned myself to look. The style I chose was a ball gown with a strapless, sweetheart neckline and long train. The gown was embellished with Swarovski crystals and lace along with a scalloped hem and I paired it with a cathedral veil that looked perfect with my gown.”

Lisa and Michael, bridal headpiece and jewelry - Bridal Styles New York

Lisa, elegant bridal necklace, bracelet, earrings and headpiece – Bridal Styles New York, photography – Riccardo Studios

Spectacular wedding gown chosen, Lisa was ready for the icing on the cake – her accessories!

“I selected my headpiece and jewelry at Bridal Styles Boutique in Brooklyn. Embedded with Swarovski crystals, my custom-made headpiece was breathtaking. My necklace, bracelet, and earrings matched with the headpiece’s design…Everything looked stunning.“

Lisa and Michael, bridal headpiece and jewelry - Bridal Styles New York

Lisa and Michael, bridal headpiece and jewelry – Bridal Styles New York,  photography – Riccardo Studios

Finally, October 29 arrived, and like the day they met, there was a surprise in store.

“The morning of the wedding it started to flurry. As the day went on we had a snowstorm. Even though it snowed everything was perfect and everyone came and had a great time. Everything was covered in white but it looked lovely! Officiated by Father Richard Guastella, our ceremony took place at the Church of St. Clare on Staten Island. The church looked absolutely beautiful decorated with all the flowers. The organist and violinist played beautiful music, giving our ceremony such a special touch.

We will never forget exchanging vows on the altar with each other. Both of us shed tears of happiness and were so excited to be husband and wife.”


Lisa and Michael, spectacular bridal headpiece and jewelry – Bridal Styles New York,  photography – Riccardo Studios

Following their ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests headed to Westmount Country Club  to celebrate!

“Our Wedding day was a day that we will always remember. Everything was perfect from the beginning to the end. It was everything I hoped it would be.”

Lisa and Michael, bridal headpiece and jewelry - Bridal Styles New York

Lisa and Michael, gorgeous Swarovski bridal headpiece and jewelry – Bridal Styles New York,  photography – Riccardo Studios

After such a magical day, Lisa and Michael have this advice for other soon-to-be weds planning their weddings:

“This is a day that you will always remember so plan it the way you envisioned it to be. Enjoy every moment because it is over before you know it. “


Lisa and Michael, bridal headpiece and jewelry – Bridal Styles New York,  photography – Riccardo Studios

Thank you so much for sharing your wedding and story with us – best wishes to you both!

Lisa and Michael’s wedding vendors:

Bridal Reflections: The staff were wonderful, especially Sara, my bridal consultant. She was extremely helpful in helping me to find the look that I’d envisioned for myself.

Bridal Styles: Was amazing. They helped me find the perfect headpiece and jewelry for the big day. They were wonderful and helped me put together the look that I wanted.

Atlas Florist: Did a beautiful job with all our flowers. Everything was picture perfect.

Riccardo Studio: Handled my photography and video. Their crew was great and took amazing pictures that will last me a lifetime.

Hank Lane Productions: Our band did an outstanding job and had the right mix of songs that everyone enjoyed all night long.

Sedette from Salon Illusion: Gave me a loose updo and my hair looked beautiful. She did a great job.

Debbie from Makeovers: Made sure my makeup was flawless. She made me look natural with all the right colors & shades.

Bridal Assistant/ Day of Coordinator: Loren Avellino was a huge help. She made sure everything was perfect, took care of all the vendors and ensured they were all prepared and everything was right. She was a life -saver!

Lisa and Jason’s Regally Elegant Fall Wedding

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Best friends since 1997 when they met in the seventh grade at Herricks Middle School in Albertson, NY, Jason and Lisa spent their days laughing at inside jokes and confiding in each other. But it wasn’t until after middle and high school that they realized what they had was true love! With that revelation, Jason wooed Lisa, and on December 28, 2003, they became a couple.

Lisa & Jason

Lisa & Jason, regal bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique, image – Duet Photography

Friends for so long, they were finally able to focus on the fact that they had fallen for each other, and on their first real date earlier that December, Lisa knew Jason was “the one.” During this time, they were both at New York University where Jason majored in Recorded Music and Lisa in Medieval & Renaissance Studies. Following college, Jason began working in the music industry and Lisa continued on to law school at Hofstra University.

Lisa, elegant bridal hair accessory – Bridal Styles Boutique, images – Duet Photography

With her May graduation and 25th birthday in June on the horizon, Lisa had a feeling a proposal would come soon. But, since Jason, an accomplished musician, was a very private person, she never thought it would be in a public forum. However, Jason shocked everyone on Christmas Eve in 2009.

During a Christmas celebration with both families present, Lisa opened what she thought was a vacation as an early anniversary gift from Jason. Instead, inside of the box was a framed poem by Jason…which he then read to Lisa, proposing at the end. The moment was captured on video and is now a YouTube hit!

Lisa & Jason, bridal hair accessory - Bridal Styles Boutique

Lisa, bridal hair jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, images – Duet Photography

Since Lisa was still in law school at the time of the engagement and they both dreamed of a fall wedding, they decided to wait until November of 2011 to say “I Do.” For the next 23 months, Lisa and Jason, along with both sets of parents and siblings, particularly Lisa’s sisters Jillian and Courtney, planned the wedding together. The theme was “Regal Elegance” with warm fall undertones. It was Lisa’s mission to stay away from a “leaves everywhere” feel!

Lisa & Jason, bridal hair accessory - Bridal Styles Boutique

Lisa & Jason, bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique, images – Duet Photography

Jason and Lisa saved as much money as they could, and with the help of their parents (who housed and fed them during this time), it was all possible. Many late night hours of DIY projects as well as hours of dress, headpiece and veil shopping came together on November 4, 2011.

Lisa & Jason, bridal hair accessory - Bridal Styles Boutique

Lisa & Jason, custom bridal hair accessory – Bridal Styles Boutique, images – Duet Photography

When Lisa imagined herself on her wedding day, it was wearing a ballgown, headpiece and veil. Finally, after trying on close to 100 dresses, Lisa found “the one” at Bridal Reflections. By Eve of Milady, it was a gorgeous duchess satin ballgown with lace overlay and gold and silver beading and threading throughout. Thirty years earlier in 1981, Lisa’s mom had also worn a stunning lace Eve of Milady gown, so she thought it was fate when her daughter chose the same designer!

Lisa & Jason, bridal hair accessory - Bridal Styles Boutique

 Lisa & Jason, unique bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique, images – Duet Photography

Dress chosen, Lisa could focus on accessories. She’d heard musings about Bridal Styles Boutique on wedding websites like and decided to head there since she knew exactly where it was – right around the corner from her grandmother’s house!

Lisa & Jason, bridal hair accessory - Bridal Styles Boutique

 Lisa & Jason, custom designed bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique, images – Duet Photography

Lisa, her godmother Stephanie, mother and sister Jillian loved the store the second they walked in. Before coming to Bridal Styles, everything Lisa tried had fallen short of what she had envisioned for her wedding day. In short order, everyone had decided on a custom piece for Lisa to wear that complemented her dress and veil as well as her theme of “Regal Elegance.” It even harmonized with the bracelet and earrings Lisa had purchased. Making the moment even more special, Lisa’s godmother purchased the headpiece for her as a gift, which is now greatly cherished!

Lisa & Jason, bridal hair accessory - Bridal Styles Boutique

 Lisa & Jason,  bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique, images – Duet Photography

Lisa and Jason’s ceremony at St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church in East Northport was followed by a reception at the Crest Hollow Country Club. One vendor Lisa could not have done without was her Day of Coordinator, Leane Kondenar of Above and Beyond Events. Lisa’s sister, Jillian, had “gifted” Leane to her so that on her wedding day someone else would be “in charge.” Thanks to Leane, everything, including a few mishaps, were handled seamlessly.

Lisa & Jason, bridal hair accessory - Bridal Styles Boutique

 Lisa & Jason,  spectacular bridal headpiece – Bridal Styles Boutique, image – Duet Photography

Since Jason is a musician, the day’s music was very important to both of them, so as a surprise for their guests, they wrote and recorded their own wedding song! For the rest of the evening, their band, Code Bleu, kept everyone entertained. Code Bleu’s musicianship was so remarkable that Jason and Lisa are itching to plan another event just so Code Bleu can perform!


 Lisa & Jason,  bridal hair jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, image – Duet Photography

Of all of the advice Jason and Lisa received while planning, the best was to make sure they stayed together at the wedding. At a reception, it’s easy to be pulled in different directions. But they made a plan and an effort to stay together, holding hands, for 99% of the night and it really worked out! There are very few pictures where the newlyweds are not together, which is just the way they wanted it to be.

When asked for their own advice to provide to other couples, Jason and Lisa say  “The most important thing to do is to remember to sit back and enjoy. All your guests traveled to come to your wedding. Don’t lose sight of that. And remember, you get to marry your best friend!”

Best wishes, Lisa and Jason, and thank you for sharing your day with us!

Angelica and Lorenzo

Friday, February 12th, 2010


A Couple Destined to be Together


The Beginning

Angelica and Lorenzo’s fathers served in the Italian army together. When Lorenzo’s family moved to New Jersey, the fathers reconnected and the families became good friends. It was at a Fourth of July celebration, that Angelica and Lorenzo spent the whole night together, talking and getting to know each other. “I was only fourteen and he was seventeen, but we both knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together” remembers Angelica.  They were so young that they decided to take things slowly but two years later, Angelica got tired of being “just friends” and asked Lorenzo what he saw for their future. His answer was simple “I see you as my wife and the mother of my kids”. They weren’t ” just friends” after that!

The Proposal

On October 20th 2007, Lorenzo took Angelica to their favorite sushi restaurant for lunch, then to Serendipity for dessert, followed by a walk in Central Park, where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! “I was never in more shock in my entire life and as if the day wasn’t perfect enough, he had ALL of our family and friends waiting for us for a huge celebration at home!” recalls Angelica

The Bride’s Look

Angelica knew that she wanted something different for her wedding day, a dress that was “simple” or “typical” was not an option. “I had seen a picture of a dress in a magazine before I was even engaged and fell IN LOVE! I hung on to the picture and when it was time, I knew where to go! Bridal Reflections in Manhattan was one of the few places that carried St.Pucci dresses. I tried on about twenty dresses but in my heart I knew I had already found my dress! “Her dress was definitely not typical, a gorgeous Victorian gown with yards and yards of rich silk and beautiful intricate embroidery.

A gown as unique as this needed a very unique headpiece to compliment it. “I heard Bridal Styles Boutique had a huge, beautiful selection so I knew I’d find what I was looking for there. When I showed Edward a picture of my dress, he knew just what to bring out! He brought out two stunning pieces and after much thought, me, my mother and Edward chose my piece. It was a custom, handmade piece; therefore if my goal was to be different, then this piece was definitely for me! While I was there he also designed a short veil edged with Swarovski crystals for the reception. I bought beautiful jewelry for my bridesmaids and flower girl there as well. Their products are like nothing I have seen before! They really have something for everyone!” recalls Angelica


The Wedding

Almost two years of planning and preparing passed before the big day arrived. It started at Mt. Virgin Church in Garfield New Jersey. There in the church where the bride had grown up, stood Angelica and Lorenzo at the altar, surrounded by a 28 member bridal party filled with brothers and sisters, cousins and closest friends. After the cousins recited a reading and a sister-in-law sang, the bride and groom exchanged their vows and the young sweethearts finally became husband and wife. The church filled with applause!

A beautiful reception followed at the picturesque Westmount Country Club in West Paterson New Jersey. Atlas Floral Decorators transformed the elegant ballroom into a paradise.”When the matre’d escorted Lorenzo and me into the ballroom, we were completely speechless, everything I had envisioned and much more surrounded me! They truly went above and beyond!” The 320 guests enjoyed an Italian feast and danced the night away to the sound of MGM Band from Staten Island NY. “There were a few songs that meant a lot to me and Lorenzo, and they had no problem learning them and surprising us at the wedding!” remembers Angelica. All of the priceless moments were captured beautifully by ESP Photographers from Hasbrouck Heights in NJ. “After seeing what beautiful work they did for a good friend I knew I had to hire them. Their albums are just so personal and romantic and Deon is just the sweetest person to work with! When the wedding highlights that Classic Video Productions made me cry, I knew they were the ones I wanted to shoot my wedding! Two other extremely helpful vendors were Jaynee’s Party in Englewood NJ, who made my wedding and shower invitations and Towne Limo from LyndhurstNJ. My driver had everything from safety pins, to umbrellas, to mints in his bag!!!” Planning a wedding can be very stressful but Angelica, with the help of her “amazing” mother and many excellent vendors got to experience the wonderful day that she and Lorenzo had dreamed about since they were kids.


The Most Memorable Moment

For Angelica- “My most memorable moment had to be our first dance. We danced to “Endless Love” surrounded by our entire bridal party, as well as our family and friends. The feeling of dancing for the first time with your husband and knowing that everyone who loves you and believes in your love was there to witness it, was a wonderful feeling.”

For Lorenzo- “The most memorable moment was our exchange of vows. I waited for this moment for seven years and couldn’t have been more ready to become husband and wife!”


Words of Advice from the Newlyweds

“There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding that can drive you nuts, but when it’s all over you’re going to miss the excitement and the special treatment, so make sure you have fun with it! Don’t let ANYONE (family, friend or vendors) ruin your wedding planning experience! In the end, everything falls into place. The worries are natural but when you truly love one another, you stay focused on the end result…spending your lives with one another…and that makes all the sacrifice and stress worth it!”


Photographs provided by ESP Photography Studio