Gabrielle and Sergey’s Regal, Fairy Tale Wedding

When it came to meeting the love of her life, beautiful Bridal Styles bride Gabrielle employed a strategy any woman with a black belt in shopping could appreciate. She knew exactly who she wanted, and didn’t hesitate to make her move!

From Gabrielle:

“Serge and I met through a social gathering in which I “picked” him out of a group and said “I want that one!” to his friend. It was love at first sight and we haven’t been apart ever since that day!”

Right away, Gabrielle knew that following her heart had led to making the perfect choice:

“We met when I was particularly going through a difficult situation at home; my grandfather was passing away. Serge was there by my side through it all. Helping my family a week after meeting me, never leaving my side. It was then I knew he would be by my side forever.”

regal crown, crystal edged blusher,  cathedral veil scattered with crystals, and elegant bracelet – Bridal Styles Boutique  photographer: Grey Line Photography


Serge felt the same way, and he soon asked Gabrielle for her hand in a very sweet way:

“Serge is very to himself and private. He likes to be alone, just the two of us, and that’s what he had in mind when he proposed on December 21, 2012 in Borgata at Bobby Flay’s steakhouse. It was very romantic!”

Gabrielle + Serge | bridal headpiece veil and jewelry - Bridal Styles Boutique-001

Gabrielle + Serge | bridal headpiece veil and jewelry - Bridal Styles Boutique-002

Gabrielle + Serge | bridal headpiece veil and jewelry - Bridal Styles Boutique

Gabrielle wanted time to plan the perfect wedding, and so the two set a date a year and a half away: April 6, 2014. Almost right away, our lovely bride and her mom got to work. They started by asking friends and family who’d already planned weddings for advice, but there was one aspect of the day for which Gabrielle didn’t need any suggestions…the venue! From Gabrielle:

“Ever since I was a little girl, my daddy told me I was his princess. So, of course I married in a castle! Oheka Castle was the only venue I looked at and we booked the hall then and there! We were worried about having an outdoor ceremony due to it being the beginning of April, especially since a week before there was rain and snow. Then our day came and it was the most gorgeous outdoor ceremony that I could have ever imagined with the sun shining right at my Chuppah!”


Gabrielle + Serge | bridal headpiece veil and jewelry - Bridal Styles Boutique-004

With her castle secured, Gabrielle went in search of her gown and glass slippers.

“I knew I wanted to look like a princess – hence the horse and carriage!

The dress was something I envisioned ever since I was a little girl… A beautiful ball gown. I initially thought it would have to be custom made, but when I went to Kleinfelds and tried it on (it was the only dress I tried on!!!!), my mother and I looked at each other and knew it was the one …. And then we started hysterically crying!!!! It was the most amazing Pnina Tornai I had ever seen!

And equally, my shoes had to be Cinderella shoes! I knew I wanted Christian Louboutins but not such a high heel. The crystal Louboutins were all on a very high heel so I ordered a pair of plain black ones with the smallest heel possible from Boston (they didn’t have this style in NY) and had Crystal Rieger – owner of Red Soles Reborn – custom make my gorgeous blinged out Loubs!

All my jewelry (except my gorgeous bracelet by Bridal Styles Boutique) was my mother’s present to me on my wedding day.”


Bridal Styles Bride Gabrielle

No princess is complete without her crown, crystal encrusted veils and white glove service. For that, Gabrielle knew there was only one place to go.

“There was NOOOOOO other place besides Bridal Styles that I would even think about going to get a customized creation such like my REGAL crown. As soon as I walked into the store I was floored with the beauty and exquisiteness they had to offer. But I knew that they would create something spectacular for me that was never done before. Such meticulous detail and perfection was hard to imagine until my headpiece was actually DONE and boy was it unimaginable indeed. I was in utter disbelief upon revelation!!!! I stood there with my jaw to the floor in shock. It was perfect. Everything about it was perfect. There were no words to describe the beauty. And then came my custom bracelet, crystallized fingertip and cathedral veils! I was all blinged out! WOW! It was like a dream. It was perfect. I can never be more grateful for the amazing experience I had throughout this whole process.”

Gabrielle + Serge | bridal headpiece veil and jewelry - Bridal Styles Boutique-003


When April 6 arrived, Gabrielle was a bit anxious, but like all fairy tales, her day had a perfect ending. From Gabrielle:

“I was a nervous wreck leading up to the day. But the morning of, at 6 am when the most amazing person Jackie (my wedding coordinator) greeted me with the biggest smile met me downstairs at the entrance to the castle and gave me a hug and a kiss telling me that today is going to be perfect, and it was!!!!!

I always envisioned getting ready with my friends and family and that meant a lot to me, but the most memorable part to me was right before I walked down the aisle. I went from a totally different entrance to get on the horse and carriage and was completely by myself for about 5 minutes. Hearing the classical music as my family and friends walked down the aisle…it was surreal. And I was just sitting there thinking, WOW. This is everything that I could have ever imagined and so much more. When I arrived, I saw my parents and the tears of joy just started pouring down. It was PERFECT.”

Gabrielle + Serge | bridal headpiece veil and jewelry - Bridal Styles Boutique-006


Now blissful newlyweds, Sergey and Gabrielle are passing this advice on to other couples planning their weddings:

“I would say that enjoy every single minute and don’t worry about everyone else. It’s your day and you will remember it for the rest of your life! My husband would say as he says to me: ‘Let your fiancé do whatever she wants, your job is to just be there!’. “



Gabrielle + Serge | bridal headpiece veil and jewelry - Bridal Styles Boutique-007


Best wishes, Gabrielle and Sergey, and thanks so much for sharing your day with us!

Gabrielle and Sergey’s wedding vendors:

Photographer: Greyline Photographers, David
Event décor: Aramat Events
Coordinator: Jackie at Couture Creations
Videographer: Andrei Bart
Custom crown, crystallized veils and custom bracelet: Bridal Styles Boutique
Wedding gown: Pnina Tornai, Kleinfelds
Hair- Senada K
Make-up- Olga Shikhris

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