Gail & Paul’s Beautiful, Romantic Summer Wedding

As Bridal Styles bride Gail can tell you, sometimes what you are looking for can be right beside you!

“It’s interesting how you could know a person for so long on a completely different level and then they’re completely different than you thought. Paul and I have known each other for many years through high school and college because he is best friends with one of my closest guy friends, Gary. Gary is probably the reason that we got together although he definitely didn’t try to set us up.

We “met” when we all went away for New Years together to the Poconos one year and clicked ever since there. We were inseparable pretty much since that moment.”

Vera Wang bridal gown, bridal hair flower, bridal flower fascinator, white orchid bouquet

Gail & Paul, silk organza and satin hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

How Paul proposed knocked Gail’s socks off, and, believe us, she was wearing lots!

“We have a tradition of going to Lake Placid skiing every year. We love it there because it’s the most amazing skiing town with a beautiful frozen lake where we go dog sledding each year. Last year, when we planned to go Paul worked really long hours and still wanted to drive up there really late at night so we could spend the whole weekend there. We spent the entire day on Saturday together and on Saturday late night after dinner, he took me to that same beautiful frozen lake. It was a battle for him of course, because it was a freezing night and I refused to go there until I got dressed in the warmest clothes that I had. He literally dragged me to the lake because I couldn’t understand what the purpose of the whole ordeal was and there on the frozen lake with the glowing lights surrounding us, he got on one knee and proposed. It’s funny because we have been together for a long time and although part of me knew that it was going to happen eventually and maybe soon, in that moment, I was so surprised. It was the most surreal moment of my life, one of the most amazing… at least until our wedding festivities began.”

Gail & Paul's wedding, photos - Videomax

Gail, custom silk hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

The two soon set a June wedding date, and, together with their moms and Gail’s aunt, began to plan their wedding at The Rockleigh Country Club.

“The planning process was intense and I was so stressed although I thought I wouldn’t be. All the vendors said it was easy to work with me because I knew exactly what I wanted. My mom was amazing, she was there to help me whenever I needed down to every last detail.”

bridal top knot, bridal top bun, bridal hair flowers, bridal flower fascinator, Vera Wang

Gail, romantic silk hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

Though planning the wedding turned out to be a little more stressful than Gail had imagined, shopping for The Dress and her accessories was a different experience entirely:

“I have imagined my wedding all my life as probably any girl does and I knew exactly how I wanted to look on my wedding day. I knew that the dress would be Vera Wang and I knew that I wanted to wear something different. Dress and accessory shopping was the most amazing part of the whole process! I loved trying on all those white gowns but my dress was probably one the first that I tried on. Most people say that you never end up wearing what you thought you would, but in my case it was exactly what I envisioned. I went dress shopping with my mom and tried on a few gowns followed by mine. Immediately, we both started crying and the look just came alive. We both knew it was the right dress. Although, I continued to shop for a while, any other dress did not elicit this magical feeling.”

Gail & Paul's wedding, photos - Videomax

Gail, silk hair flower fascinator – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

“The dress was whimsical and extravagant with layers of horsehair, tulle and organza making up the skirt. The elegant bodice had a floral appliqué design with a layer of sheer organza overlying the appliqué. There were extra petticoats added for extra volume and a custom horsehair floral piece added around the waist that tied in a bow at the back. The dress is truly unique and breathtaking and I couldn’t have imagined wearing anything different on my special day. “

Gail & Paul's wedding, photos - Videomax

Gail and Paul, photos – Videomax

One fabulous gown selected, Gail then visited us at Bridal Styles Boutique, where we custom created her gorgeous silk satin and organza hair flowers:

“I knew for my glorious dress, I needed a headpiece just as amazing. My mom came up with this gorgeous idea, which I immediately loved. It was different, creative, and oh so couture. We brought the idea to Bridal Styles and although they were a little skeptical initially, it came out stunning. It was truly a masterpiece! They called me and said, “Your piece is stunning!” I knew it would be. I had no doubts. Bridal Styles were a pleasure to work with. They created exactly what I wanted, with the sweetest most pleasant staff.”

white orchid wedding bouquet, bridal top knot, bridal bun, silk bridal hair flowers

Gail & Paul, silk organza and satin hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

As their wedding day drew closer, the elements of Gail and Paul’s wedding day began to come together:

“Every detail was made especially for us by our wonderful florist Irina from Sunshine Flower Shoppe, who was a pleasure to work with. She never said that anything was impossible. We came to her with many decorative ideas and she truly made the vision come to life. The one of a kind seating card tree was created to perfection with ribbons, flowers, and crystals for the grand entrance. The centerpieces were enormous all made of flowers from top to bottom; even the vase holding the top was made of roses! The trees at the ceremony were all created by hand with flowers, crystals, and candles and the actual chuppah that was created by her and her talented team was almost 17 feet tall! Every single detail was thought out including how to decorate each hallway. I couldn’t have picked a better decorative team.

On the day of, our photography/videography team was excellent as well. They were there from morning and through the entire day all the way until the guests were gone and they were fun and easy to work with. They kept us going, smiling, and filming all day and always with a light hearted and friendly expression!”

white orchid bridal bouquet, bridal bun, bridal top knot, silk bridal flower,  flower fascinator

Gail & Paul, elegant custom silk bridal hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

At last, June 23 arrived, and Gail and Paul said ‘I do’!

“It’s funny because since we got engaged, I kept thinking ‘wow this is the best day of my life’. The engagement.. ‘wow! Best day!’ then came the bridal shower and I thought, ‘wow! Best day!’ and then the wedding day came and I was truly blown away. We have waited for that day for over a year and stressed over every detail and now it was here.

It really was the most spectacular day. The sun was shining; I felt content and smiling and had our family and friends by our side. It started with hair and makeup and my girls arriving. My maid of honor was the first to arrive and she walked in as I was getting my make up done. We looked at each other and I saw the tears building up in her eyes and I said “no tears!” She really was the best maid of honor someone could ask for and I am honored that she was part of my day.”

Vera Wang gown, big bridal hair flower, white flower fascinator, white orchid bouquet

Gail & Paul, silk organza and satin hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

“After my mom and aunt helped me put on my dress and the rest of the bridal party arrived, I came down the stairs at my parents’ house and finally saw my groom with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The most intense and amazing moment of my life was when my parents were walking me down the aisle. I can’t remember much of what was happening around me but I do remember my mom saying: “don’t rush, enjoy this moment” and it truly was breath taking. I looked at my parents as we walked and then straight ahead at the person that I was about to marry. It was truly the most incredible moment of my life.”


Gail & Paul, photos – Videomax

“Our Rabbi had asked us to write small pieces about one another and used it while speaking under the chuppah. It was nice to hear what we had to say about each other. Also, our wonderful bridal party made the day so incredible. They helped us out all day long and truly enjoyed themselves at the wedding. We felt their love and support the whole day through!

What made the day our own was feeling the incredible vibe. We were truly surrounded by the people that we love; our amazing parents, supportive family, wonderful friends, and the emotion that we felt that day for each other and always.“

Gail & Paul's wedding, photos - Videomax

Gail & Paul, photos – Videomax

There were so many unforgettable moments, Gail and Paul had a hard time choosing the most memorable, but both agree:

“In its own way, each and every part of the day was memorable: from my mom and aunt helping me put on my dress, the walk down the aisle, and the dance with my dad (which I think we handled well, I tried to contain the tears!) but the most memorable part of the wedding for both of us was standing under that tall, unimaginably beautiful chuppah together. We loved standing there with our parents and bridal party and actually getting married! It all became a reality at that point and the feeling was intense. We couldn’t help but only looking at each other and feeling love from each other and the people around us.

Partying the night away was definitely a great part too! Everyone was dancing and celebrating. Our band, Yuhan kept everyone going all night with barely any breaks!”

Gail & Paul's wedding, photos - Videomax

photos – Videomax

Now that Gail and Paul are happily married newlyweds, they have this advice to share for all you soon-to-be-weds!

“My husband’s advice is to enjoy the moment and the day because it goes by so quickly. He said to party hard, and look at your bride as much as could which automatically puts a smile on your face. He said he was skeptical with all the craziness of the planning, but that day he realized that it was really worth it.

If I could give brides to be some advice I would say go crazy and make your vision come alive. It’s your day and your moment and no one could ever take that away from you. I would tell them to plan as hard as they could and go out of their way to plan even the smallest details because that adds the most personal of touches. However, the best piece of advice I could offer is this: no matter how hard you plan or what situations you try to prevent, there will always be small glitches. These things no one will notice. In the moment, do not stress and enjoy your day and your moment with your new husband because it goes so fast. No matter what issues arises, you will see that it will still be the best day of your life, the most special moment you will ever have up until that point.”

Gail & Paul's wedding, photos - Videomax

Gail & Paul, unique hair flower fascinator – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

Gail & Paul's wedding, photos - Videomax

Gail, custom-made bridal hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

Gail & Paul's wedding, photos - Videomax

Gail & Paul, bridal hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax


Gail & Paul, custom silk hair flowers – Bridal Styles Boutique, photos – Videomax

Thank you for sharing your day with us, Gail and Paul! Best wishes!

Gail and Paul’s wonderful wedding vendors:

Venue: The Rockleigh Country Club
Band: Yuhan
Dress: Vera Wang
Cake: Sylvia Weinstock
Headpiece: Bridal Styles
Florist/Décor: Sunshine Flowers
Photographer/Videographer: Videomax
Tuxedo: Giorgio Armani
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Hair: Avi Edri
Make-Up: Christine DeBratto Salica

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