The Perfect Bridesmaids Gift

Wondering what to give your bridesmaids to thank them for all their support and friendship? Well, you know what they say…”Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”

A Bridal Styles real bridal party showing off their jewels!

A Bridal Styles wedding party showing off their jewels!

While your girlfriends are worth their weight in them, diamonds can be a little on the expensive side. Instead, consider something with all of the sparkle and versatility but that won’t clean out your wallet…cubic zirconium jewelry!

Bridesmaid Jewelry at Bridal Styles Boutique

All jewelry available at Bridal Styles Boutique, New York

When choosing jewelry for your bridesmaids, avoid matching to the color of their dresses. Color-neutral, timeless pieces will allow your friends to wear your gift again without being restricted by a color. Instead, let the style and cut of their frocks be your guide. A strapless dress often looks lovely with a necklace and smaller earring, while a halter or asymmetrical neckline is best paired with a larger earring and bracelet.

Elegant jewelry never goes out of style, making it a perfect gift for your bridesmaids. It will look lovely in your wedding photographs, and, most importantly, your friends will treasure your gift each time they wear it.

Jewelry via BridalStyles Boutique

All jewelry available at Bridal Styles Boutique, New York

If you’re looking for bridesmaid’s jewelry that will hit just the right note, visit us in our boutique in Brooklyn, New York. We’ll work one-on-one with you to select a lovely little bit of sparkle that will complement your bridal(party) style perfectly!

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