Angela and Bruce’s Spectacular Ghanaian-Scottish Wedding

Angela and Bruce’s love story began at a place where meeting your match is the last thing on anyone’s mind…at work! But, from the moment Angela and Bruce met, sparks flew. From Angela:

“We met each other at Holiday Inn Accra Airport in Ghana when I was working as Bruce’s personal assistant, and, from day one, we had a natural chemistry. When we were together it just seemed right. We could read each other’s minds and be open with each other.”

groom wearing a kilt, wedding in Ghana, Angela and Bruce's wedding in Ghana

Angela + Bruce, custom gold and Swarovski crystal headpiece  and jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Capture

Having met her prince, Angela was in for more unexpected romance:

“When he was not supposed to be in the county, Bruce made a surprise visit to my home. He came into my bedroom where I was in a deep sleep, woke me and then asked was I ready to spend the rest of my life with him. Initially I thought I was dreaming until he repeated the question and the true reality of the situation came to me.”

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture

Angela + Bruce’s wedding, photography – Capture

Despite the fact that the two work in the hotel business, putting together an international wedding takes a lot of preparation! And, with the day only eight months away, Angela and Bruce enlisted the help of Abokuma Ellis (Purple Twirl) Weddings and Events to help with the planning of their waterside wedding in Ghana at the Royal Senchi Resort Hotel.

From Angela:

“Because we have both been in the hotel business for many years, the planning was very much like a day at work. We did, however, use the wedding planner to take away the stress of putting all the vendors together on the day and to ensure the hotel was in check.

My vision was to have a classic look. I wanted the wedding to have the same color scheme as my engagement, so we used royal blue and gold for the table cloths and chairs, our centerpieces fresh white and yellow roses (imported as roses don’t grow in Ghana) matched my bouquet and were set on Tartan which matched Bruce’s kilt.

I traveled to Bruce’s family home in Scotland, and in three weeks put together the rings, our Scottish favors (mini sporran key rings), Bruce’s kilt and accessories, wedding dress, and, of course, our daughter Natsumi’s outfits. While there, I also made sure all the handmade jewelry from Bridal Styles Boutique, along with my bespoke Kavelle Couture wedding dress from Scotland, would be ready to be transported to Ghana.

Locally, I had the bridesmaid’s dresses made with the traditional Kente cloth, and one of my friends made t-shirts for both the groomsmen and bridesmaids for before the wedding.”

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture

With all her wedding preparations in the works, Angela began her search for the elements of her bridal look by turning on her laptop, where she found the gown of her dreams…and Bridal Styles Boutique!

“I spent many hours surfing websites searching for the wedding dress I wanted. I always had my eye on a fishtail strapless wedding dress, and, since our time frame was growing short, I chose a Scottish bespoke dressmaker, Kavelle Couture, as they hand-make your dress to your exact specifications. Would you believe in three weeks from my first appointment I had my dream dress?

My hair and makeup were designed to complement my custom hair comb from Bridal Styles Boutique as well as my dress, and my beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes were a wedding gift from Bruce.”



kente cloth dresses, cobalt blue bridesmaids, yellow and blue wedding, destination wedding in Ghana

Angela and her wedding party, glamorous face-framer  with matching gold jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Capture

When December 14, 2013 finally arrived, it was beautiful and sunny….and started bright and early! From Angela:

“The reception and ceremony had been designed and set up by a company called Décor Talk.

Our day started early with a 5am wake up call, and, while my bridesmaids and myself were being seen to by our hair and makeup artists, enjoyed waffles and champagne for breakfast. All the while, our 10-month old daughter, Natsumi, was running around demanding attention.

Our brief ceremony took place under a gazebo beside the riverbank on the hotel grounds, during which a quartet played. I walked down the aisle to “Beautiful in White,” by Shaun Ward (better remembered from the film Father of the Bride).

Following our short ceremony, we enjoyed a cocktail hour and more of our quartet’s music by the riverside. From there, we strolled to our reception inside the hotel’s ballroom, set with round tables, one long top table and a glass dance floor, beside which our five-tier wedding cake was displayed.

After being announced in, we started the reception by cutting the cake together with our mothers. Our buffet was laid outside so everyone could continue to enjoy the view, and, as we dined, the quartet played. After the meal, our first dance was to “At Last” by Etta James, sung by our quartet’s soloist. Following the bride-father and mother-groom dances, we kicked into the dancing with the DJ!

Before the night was over, I tossed the bouquet and Bruce had tossed my garter.”

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture


Angela and her dad, couture bridal headpeice and jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Capture

By the end of their celebration, Bruce and Angela’s hearts were filled to the brim with wonderful memories, but, for each, the ceremony stood out the most.
Angela will never forget saying her vows while Bruce held back tears, and Bruce will always remember watching Angela walk down the aisle and saying his vows.

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture

Angela + Bruce, custom gold and clear crystal headpiece  woith matching gold  jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Capture

Our beaming couple’s have the following advice for other brides and grooms-to-be planning to say ‘I do’ :


“Make sure you have your man where you want him and his credit card accessible. Oh, and to ensure he knows what you really want exactly! Lol! And don’t let anyone talk you out of your dream.”


“Agree to whatever she wants. Oh, and ensure the limit on the credit card is set appropriately, and for the jewelry you must use Bridal Styles Boutique and have a hair comb hand made!”

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture


Angela + Bruce, glamorous Swarovski crystal face-framer – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Capture

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture

Angela + Bruce bridal accessories - Bridal Styles Boutique, photos - Capture

Angela, Bruce and Natsumi, stunning bespoke hair comb and matching gold jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Capture


Angela + Bruce, bespoke gold and  crystal face-framer  with custom gold jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, photo – Capture

Thank you so much, Angela and Bruce, for sharing your wonderful day. Best wishes!

Angela and Bruce’s Wedding vendors

Venue: Royal Senchi Hotel

Bridal headpiece and jewelry: Bridal Styles Boutique
Wedding dress: Kavelle Couture
Wedding Planner: Purple Twirl
Wedding décor and set-up: Décor Talk
Makeup and hair: Beau-Chic
Video: Ripple Effect
Photography: Capture – Your Memory Bank
Stationery: Talata Couture
Cake: Sugar and Spice
Quartet: Accra Symphony Orchestra
Rings: Laings

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