Diana & Stan’s Elegant, Chic Fall Wedding

For Diana and Stan, living in the same building as teenagers and spending summer mornings on the run was a recipe for romance!

“One summer we spent just getting to know each other and jogging every morning on boardwalk. Shortly after we started dating and were inseparable. We supported each other through school years as we gained our professional licenses in pharmacy and public accounting.“

Diana & Stand, photo by Videomax

Diana & Stan, bridal hair accessories – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

As they grew up, the friendship between the two began to feel like something more, and on their first date, Diana knew.

“On our first official date we went to watch a movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. As we were watching the movie I expressed to Stan that the big “crazy” family (not really crazy I say that with love) was just like mine. I told him my family is loud, fun, and most kind-hearted group of people I have ever met just like the family in the movie. As I watched the couple get married I imagined my wedding day with Stan. I didn’t know where it would be or when, but I knew it would happen someday.”

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana, bridal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

Five years later, on a date special to Diana, Stan asked her to be his wife.

“Stan made a special Valentine’s Day proposal, which also happens to be my birthday. But what makes it even more special is that my dad also proposed to my mom on Valentine’s Day. I was completely surprised when he popped the question in a limo on our way to dinner at River Café. The evening was very romantic and unforgettable. Leaving my dad speechless and teary and hearing my sister’s excitement was a priceless reaction.“

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana, bridal hair jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

Deciding October 23, 2011 would be the date, after a three-year engagement, Diana and Stan began to plan their wedding day!

Crystal Plaza had us at hello with their friendly service and warm hospitality. The only obstacle we had to overcome was convincing our parents to have a wedding New Jersey since most guests would be coming from Brooklyn. My dad got a little push from Douglas from D&E Entertainment as he raved about the place and said it was worth the commute. So we brought our parents to Crystal Plaza and they realized what we had been raving about.”

Diana, image by Videomax

Diana, bridal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

Venue chosen, Diana and Stan focused on the other details of their celebration, enlisting their families to help.

“With a creative family like ours we made it out more than ok. We delegated duties. Our parents were a big help; especially mine for dealing with my daily panic moments. (In retrospect I miss those moments dearly).“

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana & Stan, elegant bridal veiling – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

Diana’s father is a musician and managed everything to do with the night’s music.

“My dad as the musician in our family played in major factor in handling the entertainment portion of our wedding. So essentially hiring the band was a no brainer it was of course, D&E Entertainment. We (well ok my dad) worked very closely with them to create a song list that would attract guests of all ages. We also hand picked each female and male singer in the band and created a dream. So yes in addition to D&E Entertainment 9 piece band, we had Oxana from Rasputin, Yana from Chinar, and of course the one and only Michael Botsman. I can’t tell you enough what a phenomenal night it was of fun dance music that kept everyone on the dance floor at all times.

My favorite singer of the night was however, my dad. When he took the microphone and sang songs that he wrote dedicated to us it topped the cake and melted my heart. The lyrics of the songs were very touching and to me one of the most memorable moments.“


Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb and veil – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

While searching for her dress, Diana’s father proved himself to be a maestro of bridal gowns as well!

“Choosing my wedding dress was no easy task since I wanted something special and unusual with a modern twist. I didn’t know what style but I knew I wanted to be comfortable so I can enjoy my wedding night. After hitting up all major bridal stores, one dress caught my attention at a small boutique in Manhasset, New York called The Wedding Salon.

I was walking around the store when a beautiful Marchesa gown caught my eye. Before I even tried it on my dad said, “This is it.” I of course jumped and said, “But papa how do you know? I haven’t even tried it on.” When I walked out of the room his eyes lit up and he said, “We’re done.” My mom and I had our doubts because it didn’t fit the norm of bridal gowns, it didn’t have a train, it didn’t bustle and it wasn’t very poufy. To which my dad’s response was, “But you wanted to be different so make a fashion statement.”

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana & Stan, bridal accessories – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

“So after all the fifty dresses I tried on we returned to the store a final time with my sister, mother-in-law and parents, the decision was made. And you guessed we got the Marchesa gown. Looking back I’m very happy with the decision. The shoes were not an easy find, too, but on one humid summer day, I was determined to find perfect wedding shoe. It was when I walked into the Madison Avenue Giuseppe Zanoti boutique, when I found my crystallized blinged out Cinderella-like wedding shoe.”

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana & Stan, bridal hair jewelry and veil – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

When it came to her accessories, Diana had only one place in mind – Bridal Styles Boutique! To match her gown, Diana selected an exquisite crystal and pearl headpiece, veil created from a unique combination of classic veiling and French net with crystals scattered and Fench net blusher.

“Choosing the headpiece and veil was an easier task because I didn’t have to go to many stores and search; I went straight to the professionals, Edward & Elaine at Bridal Styles Boutique. They have exquisite taste and style and I knew they would create the look I wanted. Every headpiece that was handed to me was more beautiful than the next. But when I brought my dress it was evident which piece would fit the gown. The pearls and crystals on the headpiece matched the bodice of my dress perfectly. I wish all wedding decisions were as easy as this one.“

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana & Stan, unique bridal hair jewelry and veil – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

For her bridesmaid dresses, Diana enlisted the help of her wonderful in-laws-to-be.

“The girls I chose for my bridal party are not bridesmaids, they are my sister and dearest cousins, who have always looked up to me as their oldest cousin and role model. However,as they grew up I admired them and looked up to them for their amazing personalities and individualities. So I wanted their dress to reflect their beauty. And so the fun and sometimes grueling task began. We went to stores in Manhattan, Long Island, and Brooklyn and I couldn’t find a bridesmaid dress I loved. Until finally one day, my father-in-law drove my mother-in-law and I all over NYC in the sweltering summer heat until finally we found the picture perfect purple Jovani dress.

I think the choosing the right wardrobe for everyone was the most difficult task. Since everyone essentially wanted to look and feel their best.”

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana & Stan, statement bridal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

Other than their families, while putting together the ingredients for their dream wedding, Diana and Stan relied on the advice of the professionals they’d chosen.

“All the vendors I worked with were truly amazing, cooperative, and friendly. Besides Douglas & Eddie who provided the best entertainment, I had the opportunity to work with the best florist in the community, Tamara from Aramat Events. During our first meeting I didn’t know what type of flowers and colors I wanted to use. I just wanted to incorporate a singe of purple and have a variety of flowers and not just the typical roses and orchids. She is a woman of exclusive taste and I trusted her professional judgment. The chuppah was beautifully decorated and the reception looked radiant with a plethora of crystals and variations of flowers that included roses, orchids, hydrangeas, tulips, lily of the valley and much more. She created a magical evening for us and I will always be grateful to her and her positive emotions. The ceremony that occurred at sunset was truly unforgettable.

Another outstanding vendor and probably one of the most important was the video and photo team, Videomax. They are responsible for capturing every moment of our wedding so we have a memory for the rest of our lives. I commend them for a job well done! They worked extremely professionally and made sure to capture not just the bride and groom and family but all the guests as well. I look forward to watching the video and reliving every moment.“

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana & Stan, bridal hair piece – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

From start to finish, October 23rd was everything Diana and Stan imagined it to be …and more.

“A lot of brides I speak to say they never remember much from their wedding day. But I have a vivid recollection of every moment. Even as I walked down the aisle I could see all our family and friends surrounding us with beaming smiles. It was at that moment I felt that it was all real and I was having my dream wedding come true.

My parents walking me down the aisle was a bittersweet, proud and very happy moment. I felt their tears of joy and I held their hands tight as I held back my own tears. My amazing makeup and hair artist, Didi Benabo, would have been disappointed if I ruined my makeup. As I hugged my mom and dad, I knew from that moment forward my life was in another man’s hands. And I knew they were proud of the woman I had become and all of my accomplishments.”

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana & Stan, stunning bridal hair comb – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

“The reception was the most fun and exciting part of the evening. It was great to see all the guests dancing all night and we had a blast with them. After the stressful part of performing our rehearsed first dance we were able to let loose. I was really proud of Stan since dancing was not his strong suit and taking dance lessons took some convincing. I guess we were running on adrenaline because we did our dancing without any mistake and we enjoyed it.“

Diana & Stan, bridal hair comb - Bridal Styles Boutique, photography - Videomax

Diana & Stan, bridal accessories – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography –Videomax

“Our wedding was special not just because we celebrated the love Stan and I have for each other, but also because everyone who attended our wedding was genuinely happy for us and were there to have a good time. From a young age I always envisioned my dream wedding day but the day I had exceeded by expectations by far and I feel lucky and blessed. And it was an honor to be chosen to be Bride of the Month. I am so happy I got the opportunity to share my story and wish for all future couples a happy wedding day and even happier marriage.“


Diana & Stan, bridal hair jewelry – Bridal Styles Boutique, photography – Videomax

Now that a few months have passed, and Diana and Stan are officially newlyweds, they have some advice for the newly engaged!

“Enjoy every moment and take it all in. When planning the wedding stay organized and follow your “to do” checklist. I also prepared an itinerary for the day of the wedding. Every single moment was planned out, which even included the times which family members were scheduled for pre-wedding photos. The whole day ran smoothly since everyone followed the plan and we were all able to remain calm and enjoy the day. For all brides out there don’t let anyone tell you something is not right to do, it is your day and do whatever you want. Smile and stay on the dance floor all night. People feed off the positive energy from the bride and groom, so if you have fun so will everyone else. And you will have a successful party.“


Diana & Stan, photography – Videomax

Best wishes Diana and Stan! Thank you for sharing your memories with us!

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