Yedenny & Kevin- Valentine’s Day Wedding

While gathered with their family and friends on Christmas Eve 2008, Kevin asked Yedenny to choose any gift under the tree to open. When she couldn’t decide, he selected one, which she opened to reveal a white box. Within that was another box, sealed with tape. Inside that was yet another small white box that held a little black jewelry box, which Kevin gently took from her hand. Falling to one knee, he proposed. “My heart was racing, my knees were shaking, I was speechless, I was very happy and very surprised. It was a great moment in my life!”

Bridal Styles Real bride, Yedenny & Kevin, Image by Pinilla Studios

Kevin & Yedenny, bridal headpiece and jewelry, Bridal Styles Boutique, New York, image: Pinilla Studios

Since their anniversary was February 1, Yedenny and Kevin chose Valentine’s Day 2010 for their wedding date, perfect for the color to which she was drawn! “I decided on the color red, because to me it means passion, love, romance, and it was a winter wedding.” Red and white wove an elegant Valentine’s Day thread throughout their wedding day, including a dusting of rose petals on the cake and MIKASA crystal heart jewelry box favors.

Bridal Styles Real bride, Yedenny & Kevin, Image by Pinilla Studios

Kevin & Yedenny, elegant bridal headpiece, Bridal Styles Boutique, New York, images: Pinilla Studios

To go with her tailor-made wedding gown, Yedenny began searching for one-of-a-kind bridal accessories. “I wanted a headpiece that was different, elegant, unique. I went to many boutiques and everything seemed cheap. After searching on line, I found Bridal Styles Boutique and was mesmerized by the collection. I immediately knew I had found THE PLACE for my accessories. I drove to the store and fell in love with the place, its selection and the customer service. The owner was very, very helpful and very friendly. He helped me select the perfect accessories. I love my headpiece!”

Bridal Styles Real bride, Yedenny & Kevin, Image by Pinilla Studios

Kevin & Yedenny, Swarovski crystal band, jewelry, custom ringpillow- Bridal Styles Boutique image: Pinilla Studios

By the time their wedding day drew near, everything was in place. Their local church, Blessed Sacrament, and Terrace on The Park were booked. All their vendors, from Metro Floral Decorators and US Open Limousines to make-up artist Lilly Rivera (from My Fair Wedding with David Tutera) and photographers Pinilla Studio were scheduled. The only thing that threatened not to cooperate was the weather.

“Two weeks before the wedding, I was very worried because around that time we had several snow storms and I was worried about the weather on my wedding day, but God was on our side and the day of my wedding was not as cold for that time of the year. It was bright and clear and most of the snow had melted.”

Bridal Styles Real bride, Yedenny & Kevin, Image by Pinilla Studios

Kevin & Yedenny, romantic bridal jewelry, Bridal Styles Boutique, image: Pinilla Studios

After a great night’s sleep at her mom’s, Yedenny awoke on her wedding day ready and rested. “I must say, that I did not feel nervous, or worried or stressed…It was one of the best and most calmed days I had ever felt. I felt as if nothing could stress me out on that day. I was positive, I felt a very good energy from everyone around me. I was very happy. My mom was super excited. Since I am her only child, she would be the one walking me down the isle and giving me away. If anything she was the nervous one. My bridesmaid and maid of honor all met at my moms place, where we all got dressed. My husband was at his place with his family. We could not wait to get to the church! It was a very special day.”

Bridal Styles Real bride, Yedenny & Kevin, Image by Pinilla Studios

Yedenny, sophisticated bridal crown, Bridal Styles Boutique, image: Pinilla Studios

Their reception at Terrace on The Park was the celebration they hoped it would be and more. “The view of the city from the Terrace is amazing! The service was amazing and our banquet manager and the rest of the staff did an incredible job…..I danced the whole night, I did not stop, I made sure that I enjoyed my wedding all the way. Once I got all the professional pictures out of the way, my husband and I were a party machine. It makes no sense to spend so much money on a wedding and then stay sitting the whole night, I didn’t care about make-up or hair, I wanted to party!”

Bridal Styles Real bride, Yedenny & Kevin, Image by Pinilla Studios

Kevin & Yedenny Valentines Day wedding,  bridal headpiece, veil and jewelry: Bridal Styles Boutique, image: Pinilla Studios

Fondest memories for the bride and groom?

Yedenny will always remember “getting married in church, having my mom walk me down the aisle, and saying ‘I do.’ Looking into my husband’s eyes, knowing he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with was amazing.”

 Kevin feels the same way about their wedding day, but being with everyone they loved is a memory he cherishes. “I know the typical answer would be when I first saw my wife walking down the aisle, or the moment we said ‘I do’…but I have always known how beautiful my wife is, and I had known for a long time that I wanted to say ‘I do’! The most memorable part of my wedding was the PARTYING! I loved what the partying represented. I loved the fact that all of our family and friends were together, happy, and celebrating our special day. A party I know we will remember forever!”

Bridal Styles Real bride, Yedenny & Kevin, Image by Pinilla Studios

Kevin & Yedenny’s Valentine’s Day Wedding, headpiece, Bridal Styles Boutique, image: Pinilla Studios

What advice do Yedenny and Kevin have for couples planning their own weddings?

Yedenny: “Enjoy the planning process! This is an experience that when you think about it should bring back good memories, not the other way around. Also, do it the way you like – it’s your day. I didn’t follow a book, or all the traditions, it’s all about you and your fiance, so don’t let people talk you out of what you really like, just because they don’t agree with it. You are the one getting married, not them! Also get your fiance involved, everything I did I made sure that my husband also liked, because I felt that it wasn’t only my wedding, it was ours and he should have a say in it too. Also I hired a wedding planner for the day of the wedding only and that was a great thing to do. That way, everyone, family and friends, can enjoy the wedding. No one has to be in charge, running around, and then miss out on the wedding. I hired a wedding planner only for that day because I’m a person that I like to be involved in everything, but for the day of the wedding, I let others do the work…My only task was to be happy!”

Kevin: “My advice to a bride-to-be would be not to cut corners. If you’re planning to have a big wedding, have it! That one day should be everything you expect and nothing less! Even though your fiancé may moan and groan during the planning process, he will want to make you happy and eventually give in to all your requests!”

Bridal Styles Real Bride Yedenny & Kevin's new baby!

Yedenny & Kevin’s Valentine’s Day baby boy, Joshua Kevin!

This Bridal Styles wedding story ends with even more happy news…Yedenny and Kevin are the proud parents of an adorable Valentine’s Day baby boy, Joshua Kevin!

Congratulations to you both, and best wishes to you and your beautiful family!

Kevin & Yedenny’s wedding vendors:

Venue- Terrace on The Park
Photographers- Pinilla Studios
Florist- Metro Floral Decorators
Limousine- US Open Limousine
Make up- Make up artist Lilly Rivera
Headpiece, veil, jewelry and custom ring pillow- Bridal Style Boutique


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  1. Yedenny Matos says:

    We are so pleased that you featured our story and our family on your website! We have been sincerely moved by your choice of words in describing our love for each other. It doesn’t feel like its been a year. However, it’s been a remarkable experience and we look forward to many more years to come.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    Yedenny Matos

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