Bridal Fascinators

Made with anything marvelous from feathers and lace to flowers and sparkle, fascinators have been a part of a woman’s wardrobe since as early as the 18th century!

Back then, fashionable woman wore elaborate, beaded, frilly confections (remember Marie Antoinette?) to, well, fascinate!

Bridal Feather Fascinators

feathered bridal fascinators, Bridal Styles New York (excluding Pnina Tornai image upper R corner)

Today, fascinators are a versatile, eye-catching fashion statement for brides. Worn with a birdcage veil, they add a pop of vintage, and paired with traditional veiling, a bridal fascinator elegantly complements a classic look. The feathers that leap to mind when picturing fascinators don’t always have to take center stage. They can be used subtly as an accent, boldly as the entire headpiece, or somewhere in between.

Bridal Feather Fascinators

feather fascinator hair combs, Bridal Styles New York (excluding Melissa Sweet image lower R corner)

To find a bridal feather fascinator that suits your bridal style, visit us at our New York bridal accessory boutique!

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