Jessica and Alfredo

The Perfect Pair


The Begining

Jessica and Alfredo met 10 years ago through a childhood friend, who thought that they would make a great couple. Within minutes of meeting and smiling at each other, they felt comfortable together. “Our first date was like nothing I experienced before, Alfredo was so confident which made me calm. Our conversation continued through the night, we spoke about all our dreams and wants for the future” recalls Jessica.

The Proposal

They discussed getting engaged, even started searching for the perfect ring. However, Alfredo wanted it to happen naturally.  “On November 12, 2010, Alfredo and I went to Garret Mountain, where we would visit often to sight see. Alfredo decided to stop where there was a beautiful lake and great gazebo. He held my hand and guided me to the gazebo when the sun was setting. Alfredo seemed nervous, without a clue; he got down on one knee and said the most amazing words. I was so surprised and nervous that I closed my eyes and just took a minute; it was a magical moment I’ll never forget.”

The Bride’s Look

“I have been planning my wedding, in my mind, since my first big girl dress, which I wore to my preschool graduation. My mom and I went on the hunt for the perfect dress just for me and I found it at East West Bridals in Secaucus NJ. I chose a Private Label by G gown, a design that made me feel like a bride.

Now, choosing my bridal headpiece is where I wanted to something rare. The day I found Bridal Styles Boutique’s website I knew my search was over. On our adventure to Brooklyn, we got lost and I thought we would never make it. I was happily surprised when I called, and Edward answered and said don’t worry, we will wait for you. My sister, mom and I finally arrived, meeting a delightful man who two hours later became a special friend to our family forever. The headpiece that I found was like fairy tale, when Edward placed it on my head it was an emotional overwhelming feeling that I never experienced before. It was exquisite! My family and I had a moment one dreams of, their faces said it all. We decided to change it a little and make it one of kind by adding more crystals. Edward did just that, it became the center of the wedding night. The day I picked my wedding  jewelry, Elaine guided me through so many wonderful looks; I went with a design that resembled my theme (The Perfect Pear) pear shaped CZ’s. It really completed the look. “


The Wedding

“After Alfredo and I got engaged I started to research ideas. One day passing Carlos Bakery in Hoboken I saw a cake dripping in pears. I got the idea about (The Perfect Pear), which became our signature idea.

The wedding Day was absolutely amazing from getting my hair done to the end of the night. It was truly a special day to have both moms and bridesmaids with me at the Salon.  As soon as I sat down to get my make-up done, my photographer arrived flashing pictures. It was really becoming my special day.

The ceremony and reception was at the Shadowbrook in Shrewbury NJ.  This is truly magical place. It is an elegant Georgian Mansion set on 20 secluded and beautiful manicured acres. The reception was held in the grand style Oak Room, their largest room beautiful floor to ceiling windows overlooking the main garden. The room looked even more beautiful with all of the stunning flowers from Buds and Blossoms florist from Brielle, NJ.

   Alfredo and I wanted our wedding to represent both of our cultures. My aunt made us beautiful table the represented a Persian Aghd that means wedding. For example we used the honey symbol which means sweetness in life. When Alfredo and I shared the honey I felt part of an old tradition that now will be part of us forever.

 The ceremony was personalized to us; we worked with a minister who told us the key word was “Be Creative”. We not only exchanged wedding rings we exchange friendship rings which to us represents our foundation. We share not only love, honesty, and respect but we share our friendship too. We also wrote our own vows, it was more meaningful to be able to create our special words. 

   Our reception was a blast. It had a its own personal touch with a perfect pear wedding cake from Piece O’Cake in Shrewbury NJ, perfect pear place cards and even a pear wishing tree where our guest wrote down wishes and hung it on the tree. My sister did a dedication Persian dance that was absolutely wonderful. She got the party started.

For our first dance, we did was a four piece song that was mixed by our DJ. We wanted to do something different. The songs we choose were, of course, our slow song, a fun club song, a Spanish song and a Persian song. Wow, it came out perfect. Even our bridal party joined us at the end during the Persian dance. It was great feeling! I also did a special slow dance with my mom with all the mothers and daughters. Morello Entertainment did a fabulous job! The entire night was filled with dancing, laughing, and excitement.”

The Most Memorable Moment

“Our special and memorable moment was sitting at our table watching the guests and saying “WOW, is this really happening to us?”. The day was ours, no matter what happen before or after. We knew that everyone there was there because they loved us. “

Words of Advice from the Newlyweds

Jessica- “Allow yourself to enjoy the process, don’t get caught up in the perfection but in the journey of the unknown. Many brides including myself want perfection but you miss out on the pleasure of meeting new people and interesting ideas. “

Alfredo- “Be honest and always remember friendship is number one. “ 


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